Complete List of 10 Trustly Lottery Sites 2024

Trustly is one of the best online payment methods that allow users to pay for services without a bank card or a mobile app. It was founded in 2008 in Stockholm by the Swedish fintech company, Trustly Group. Initially, it was referred to as InstantBank. Today, the company partners with over 6,300 financial institutions and has a customer base of approximately 525 million. The open banking system facilitates transfer with other online merchants like PayPal, eToro, AliPay, eBay, Dell, GoFundMe, and Wise. Trustly is commonly used in Europe, North America, and the Commonwealth of Independent States region (CIS).

Complete List of 10 Trustly Lottery Sites 2024
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How to make a deposit with Trustly

Trustly attained 1 billion consumers in 2019 and extended its services to Canada and Australia in 2020. The mechanism of Trustly happens in real-time and instantly. Thanks to its ease of use on mobile devices, Trustly is perfect for transacting with gaming websites and online lottery. Cross-border payments are also possible when playing at an overseas lotto site.

Customers don't need to register an account with Trustly to use it at a lottery site online or another merchant. As long as it appears among the deposit methods, bettors can transfer funds without leaving the online lottery site. In some platforms, it may show as InstantBank, but the service is the same. Before using Trustly, lotto players should confirm if their bank works with Trustly.

All major banks in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Spain support Trustly transactions. The money comes directly from the bank account once linked with Trustly. So, it shouldn't be confused with an online bank account. The service offers extra security to a direct bank transfer.

It is good to check with the online lottery for any fees that may apply when using this transactional method. Trustly doesn't charge anything for making online payments. Another factor to consider is the minimum deposit limit. Once everything is clear, lotto players should follow these steps to complete a Trustly deposit.

  1. Choose a lotto game and click play
  2. Open the deposit window at the cashier/payments page
  3. Fill in the amount to place as a deposit
  4. Choose Trustly as the banking provider
  5. A new checkout window will appear
  6. Sign in to the online banking account
  7. Confirm the amount to be deducted from the bank account

After the confirmation, the funds will enter the lotto site right away. One benefit of Trustly is minimizing online fraud. Both the bettors and the lotto provider enjoy optimal security.

How to make a withdrawal with Trustly

Lottery payouts couldn't be easier with Trustly. The process is as straightforward as depositing so long as the customer has completed their KYC at the lotto site. Here are the fundamental steps to cashing out with Trustly.

  1. Going to the cashier section and clicking on withdrawals/payouts
  2. Entering the amount to withdraw
  3. Clicking on Trustly (it will be the automatic choice if it was used in depositing)
  4. Choosing a banking provider
  5. A new page will pop up
  6. Logging in with the banking credentials
  7. Confirming the transaction and waiting for approval from the online lottery provider

Lottery payouts requested via Trustly are processed in one to two business days. Occasionally, the funds may take longer to reach the player's bank account because many financial institutions have a holding period that helps curb online fraud. Before cashing out, players must fulfill all the wagering requirements.

When it's time to claim a prize at an online lottery site, the winner should use the correct name. Some lotto sites require a legal identification or the same name on the lotto ticket. Reputable sites ensure that the winnings are paid out to the rightful owners. It is worth noting that the winning tickets are valid for a specific period, so it is crucial to read the terms and conditions of the lottery site online.

Safety and security at Trustly

The Trustly system is backed with the same high-end security standards in data handling as the banks. Their verification techniques are designed to mitigate common cybersecurity issues. Furthermore, Trustly is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Sweden; thus, customers can trust their service for secure transactions.

When logging in with banking credentials, Trustly provides a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect the connection with the browser. It is easier to tell if the SSL encryption is active because it appears at the web address as HTTPS.

Many punters are concerned about fraud risks when playing online lotto. But with Trustly, such threats have nothing on players. Since the system doesn't save the banking information, no hacker can access the player's sensitive data. Trustly requires the customer to provide a username, password, and security token sent via text message.

These credentials are only known to the account owner, so it is hard for a hacker to guess them. In addition to 3-D Secure (3DS) and robust encryption, lotto fans can play safely online.

3D Secure entails a 2-step authentication on each payment at the lotto site. The 3D is an acronym for three domains- the bank, the online merchant, and the 3DS platform. Payments cannot be processed without approval from the account holder. That's why customers need to enter a PIN code to confirm their fund transfer.

Trustly customer support options

Trustly is committed to providing the best support to customers to keep them happy. This is a vital aspect of online payment methods. Anyone who has an issue in processing payment can contact Trustly in two ways:

  • Telephone
  • Contact form at the 'Contact Us' page

Trustly phone lines work between 9hr and 12hr CET. There's a unique line for customers from different countries like the UK and Sweden. For assistance on transactions, it is best to write down the details on the contact form. They will ask for such information as full name, email address, reference ID, subject matter, and the exact query.

When inquiring about a specific transaction, it is imperative to send proof of payment in jpeg, pdf, or png. Such details help to get tailored solutions from the customer care representatives.

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